Currently running on

Netbeast can run on any device that can run Node.js. That being said, there are some requirements that should be met for optimal performance:

  • The device should have a min storage of 4GB.
  • The device should have a min RAM memory of 1GB for good performance.

Netbeast on Hardware kits

Netbeast has been successfully tested on the following hardware kits:

  1. Raspberry Pi 2 - Raspbian Jessie
  2. Raspberry Pi 3 - Raspbian Jessie Lite
  3. Orange Pi - Raspbian Jessie
  4. Pine64 - ArchLinux 64 bits

Netbeast on Github

Netbeast is available on its main github repository here

Netbeast on NPM

Netbeast is available on NPM repository here. You can install it easily as follows:

npm install -g netbeast-cli

Netbeast on Docker

Netbeast has its own docker image available here. Now let's see how you can run the docker image.

First you need to install docker. Click here to see how

Once we have all set up, start a docker terminal and see what is the IP assigned to that container

Download the netbeast image from dockerhub

docker pull netbeast/netbeast

Run it

docker run -p 49160:8000 -d netbeast/netbeast

This will run your docker container on the port 49160

4.Play with it

Now access to the docker container url


Netbeast on Open-WRT

We have compiled Netbeast for Open-WRT. The only thing you need to do is compile Nodejs on it, see this and install Netbeast in any of this ways.

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